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A new day is coming to Acaristan, and the sun, like a faithful guardian, is once again at its post.

We all spend many hours in the world of Contraband Police, so in parallel to the development of mechanics and numerous corrections, our goal is to develop the quality of graphics. In the latest update, we introduce you to the improved environmental effects that we have been working on recently.

  • New colors of the sky and clouds at different times of the day.
  • Refined volumetric fog.
  • Improved quality of the sun, moon and stars.
  • Enhanced glow effect for all light sources.
  • Greater contrast in weather effects.
  • Tuned power of lighting and shadows.
  • Eye adaptation effect is more visible now.

Our next step towards improving graphics quality is to change the rendering method to Unity HDRP. This version will improve aspects such as lighting, anti-aliasing, precise shadows, depth of field and many others.

May the radiance of Igor Acarov always illuminate your path!
Crazy Rocks Team