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The moment everyone has been waiting for has come!

The new Endless Mode has opened!

After the success of Contraband Police, we decided not to slow down. ːsteamhappyː To repay your great appreciation, we’ve created additional game mode that significantly expands the game.

Inspector Mode, a.k.a the Endless Mode, was created for players who prefer greater gameplay freedom and further options for expanding their outpost. Sudden forced interventions, player rest and movement area restrictions have been removed.

In the new mode, we take on the role of Nikola Roznikov, the previous commander of the border crossing in Karikatka, who was entrusted with the task of rebuilding the ruined post.

Inspector Mode Key Features:

  • Unlimited gameplay time.
  • Increased outpost development options – Each of the 10 outpost elements has its own unique function and 3 levels of improvement.
  • 10-step police career path.
  • New documents for inspection.
  • Over 20 new entry regulations.
  • Most wanted mechanics. Arrest a wanted criminal based on a photo!
  • Renovated map with the option of fast travel to previously visited locations.
  • 5 new daily missions such as: Air Smuggling, Patrol or Black Market Trade.
  • 2 new police cars: Micros and Varilla.
  • 25 new Steam achievements to earn.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the development of the new mode, especially the Playtesters who devoted their time to helping us improve Contraband Police. You are the best! Remember that you can still help us by enabling the special „Support” option from the game menu.

We also have great news for the entire Crazy Rocks team and our community. Contraband Police has been nominated for the Central & Eastern European Game Awards in the Design category!. The competition results will be announced this Saturday during the Game Industry Conference in Poznań. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Have fun with the new Inspector mode and stay tuned for more updates!

Glory to Akaristan!
Crazy Rocks Team